April 27, 2016

A brand new blog

Because all it takes to ruin a blog is one idiot and a terrible domain provider, I figured I was better off starting a brand new one:


I have been wanting to do this for a while now and the domain issue comes right in handy to get started. I feel like I've turned a page in my life, help me write a new one!

Don't worry though, everything on here will remain available.

April 25, 2016


You may have noticed that the blog was down for a while and I'm terribly sorry about that. I was having trouble with my domain and still do. Here is a piece of advice: do not use godaddy!

This said, let's move on to the actual blog post that I had planned for last week.

One of my favourites lately is the crop top pencil skirt combo. Wether they're co-ords or separates they can be extremely versatile depending on which accessories you pair them with. Because I've been all about casual wear the last couples of weeks, I picked black sneakers and my favourite leather jacket but I know I could easily dress up this outfit with a pair of heels.

Surpinsingly, I found this crop top at Pimkie when I was looking for something to wear (and potentially trash) on a night out at a club. I remember shopping there in my early teen years, before the quality deteriorated, and not stepping a foot in their stores ever since. Only fools don't change their minds. I saw a lot of things I liked and for once they're very budget friendly!

Top: Pimkie
Skirt: Vila
Jacket: Mango
Bag: Herm├Ęs
Sneakers: Nike